GRBL settings

Travel and foot print

Build instruction from Desighs by Phil

Build videos from Paw Paw's Workshop

PDF (Wasteboards, base frame...)

CNC4NEWBIE New Carve Maintenance Part 1 - YouTube

CNC4NEWBIE & Z Axis Upgrade for XCarve Maintenance Part 2 - YouTube


**** Important information about using Easel with or before first moves with our New/Crave/Ultimate kit ****

Enter all our recommended settings for your kit size.

*Before trying to home and jog, disable the homing and soft limit setting,
Soft limit: $20=0 to disable and $20=1 to enable.
Homing: $22=0 to disable and $22=1 to enable.

**Be sure your home switches are wired for NO, pins 1 and 3.

Once you are sure the machine jogs in the right direction, enable the homing and soft limit.

***Be aware because Easel likes to return to the original GRBL settings!!
***Don't use the machine inspector because it will return to the original grbl!
Most use UGS or PicSender, they are more reliable senders!

Hope this helps!

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DROP plate

DROP plate

DROP PLATE ***FIT only our Xcarve and OpenBuilds sliders*** Drop 1.250" Use when you add risers..


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