1- Wich model fit my Xcarve:

all this ones


2- Why 8" of travel ?:

It's for the upper side,  if you use long toolings with this option you should be able to clear the bottom of the sider with the tool tip.


3- Why a longer front plate ?:

If you use extra short toolings and you have Y risers,  with this option you should be able to touch the wast board with the tool tip.


4- Can I reuse my original Z stepper motor:

Yes you can,  you need to remove the pulley on it.  Some have a pressed pulley and other with set screws.  If your pulley is pressed you can remove it with a puller,  cut it with a zip cut or any other method!!  You can do a search about that on the Xcarve forum for more examples!!

You can upgrade to a bigger motor like this one: 269oz-in stepper

Maybe it's time to upgrade all your axis with the bigger motor!!


5- Is it a difficult task to upgrade my Z axis:

No,  for most our Z axis model,  you only need to remove the original slider parts,  remove all the V-wheels and the acetal nut from the spindle mount. 

Mount the new slider to the X carriage and mount the spindle mount to the front plate of the new slider.

For the bolton slider you will need to keep some parts of your original one. 

** Maybe you will need to extend some wires for the motor.

After the mechanical you need to upgrade your GRBL settings,  here a good starting point:













$32=0 $31=0






$23=3 $22=1

$21=0 $20=0












** If your Z axis is reversed,
you can reverse the Z direction in the Machine set-up if you use easel or you can Re-wire your stepper. Only to swap to wires of one phase.
** For better performance you can change your hardware microstep setting to 1/8 and re-adjust the setting $102.  Your Z axis will run better without a loud noise.