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The C4N48xx CNC machine kit provides a large work-area perfect for most users.

Each C4N48xx kits can handle a 48" wide ply!!



  • All linear 4 races square bearings 
  • Precision fast travel 12mm diameter leadscrews on X, Y and Z
  • HD 4" wide Z axis to accommodate big spindle.
  • Rigid all-metal design (heavy-duty aluminum extrusion and thick 6061T6 aluminum plate construction)
  • Base frame made from 1" x 3" aluminum extrusions
  • C-beam style X axis made from thick 2" x 4" aluminum extrusions 
  • Open style cable chain included
  • HD home switches included
  • Easy and straight forward assembly,  no 1 million parts to assemble!!
  • All C4N48xx kits can handle a 48" wide ply sheet.
  • CNC4newbie machining quality!


  • Work Area (travel): 
    • X: 50"
    • Y: 26"/38"/50"
    • Z: 6"
  • *Footprint: 
    • Width: 60"
    • Length: 34"/46"/58"
    • Height: 22"
  • Cutting Speed X/Y:
    • 200 IPM *
  • Drive System:
    • X/Y/Z: 12mm diameter leadscrew,  12mm/turns
    • Anti-Backlash: All brass full adjustable system
  • Theoretical Resolution:
    • X/Y/Z: 0.0002” *
 *Using our Geckodrive G540 electronic package
  We recommend this but you can try higher!!



 What's included

This kit includes all of the parts needed to build the mechanical portion of the C4N48xx machine:
  • All pre assembly axis
  • HD 4" wide Z axis
  • HD x/y/z home switches 
  • Open style cable chain for X/Y
  • All required fasteners
  • Drawing sheet for the MDF wasteboard,  you need to provide it from Home Depot or any hardware place.*

 *You need to provide the MDF wasteboard because it's too big for the shipping.


Recommended accessories

  • Electronics Package
     For a complete turn-key solution, we offer 2 choice of Controllers Systems  - fully integrated in the base of the machine, pre-wired, and almost ready to go:
    • UCcnc software paired with a Geckodrive G540 and a UC100 motion controller for usb connectionIf you want to use Mach3/4 instead of UCcnc, you can switch to it anytime if you buy the license!!
    • or
    • Demon Controller a GRBL based controller
  • Router mount or 80mm spindle mount
  • Legs kit
  • 1.5kw air cooled spindle, from Amazon *the 1.5kw AC bolt directly on the include Z axis**
  • 2.2kw water cooled spindle, from Amazon *you need our 80mm spindle mount**
  • Standard router like a Dewalt611,  MakitaRT0701c,  Kress FME800 ...**
  • Router bits starter kit**
  • Take a look at PWNcnc.com for cool accessories for this machine kit like dust shoe and more!


 **Purchased where you want.


What include our controllers options 





  • UCcnc control software license
  • GeckoDrive G540
  • UC100 motion controller
  • 4x 269oz-in stepper motors
  • 36vdc power supply
  • X,Y and Z HD home switch
  • Emergency switch
  • 4x terminal block  
  • All the wirings 
  • Everything integraded in the base frame for a clean look!
  • We almost made all the job for you!!




** Leg kit,  stepper motors, MDF boards and spindle not included.



If You need a spare part for this z axis,  ask we have all parts!!


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C4N48xx Build it like your needs

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