Check out this great video from Paw Paw’s WorkShop about how to assemble our New-Carve kits!!


Paw Paw's Workshop assembly instructions playlist



+-1 weeks Leadtime



 NEW-Carve KIT

The ultimate upgrade for your existing machine



*Base 500 kit   **To most North America places


Upgrade your X-Carve, *Shapeoko or any *weak cnc machine

You use your original electronics, software ...

 *Shapeoko and other cnc you need to buy the optional base frame



Really rigid, no belts, no V wheels and no cheap frame!


Come pre-assembly in 3 majors parts
***It's not a box with 1000 small parts and fasteners!!***



500, 750, 1000

*you need the 1045 base frame





-4.5" clearence under X carriage
-15mm square linear bearings on X and Y axis
-12mm diameter precision leadscrews on X and Y
-All brass anti-backlash nuts and they are adjustable for a long life
-All plates from 1/2" thick 6061T6 aluminum,  precision machined
-C-beam X axis 3" x 2.5"
-1" x 3" real American extrusion Y axis
-Rigid motors mount made from 6061T6 aluminum,  not a printed parts!
-Direct drive leadscrews, no slipping belts!
-6" wide front plate for a large range of spindle mount
-Now you can easily mount an industrial spindle like a 2.2Kw 
-Heavy Duty home switches included
-X cable chain included



-2x Y axis assemblies
-1x X axis assembly
-3x Flexibles couplings for 1/4" diameter shaft
-X an Y Heavy Duty home swithes
-X cable chain
-All needed fastners
-The most important OUR CUSTOMERS SERVICE and QUALITY CNC4newbie !!!
-Free shipping to *USA and **Canada
*Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii customers need to ask a quote
**Yukon, Northwest Territories customers need to ask a quote


Not included:

-base frame and waste board, you keep your X-Carve one
-Electronics, wirings ... ,  you use your originals 
-Motors,  **269oz-in motors option available**
-Software, you use your original one
-Y cable chain, ou use your original one, **included in the optional base kit**
-Z axis, **optional
-Spindle and spindle mount, you can use your original one but we highly recommend our mount. Or you can add the optional drop plate if you want to use short tools.




-Square linear bearings Z axis, or you can choose from all our Z axis for X-Carve
-Spindle mount for Dewalt 611 or Makita RT0701c
-*Base frame (recommended when you buy the 1045 kit)
-269oz-in stepper. If you use your original steppers you need to remove the pressed pulley and cut the shaft lenght +-1/8".  The steppers from Inventables are not standard.

-You want to add a VFD/spindle to your kit so look for one from BNR Custom,  it will come pre-programmed for your controller.

-Take a look at for cool accessories for this machine kit like dust shoe and more!


*Base frame included:

-**5x 2040 extrusions,  a typical X-Carve frame is 2020 extrusions!
-All fastneners and corners
-Y cable chain and the support

-MDF waste board not included, we provide a drawing sheet

**5x for a 1000 and over kit ant 4x for a 750 and less


 CLICK--­>How to setting up and assembling your New-Carve



If You need a spare part for this z axis,  ask we have all parts!!



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NEW-Carve Ultimate Kit for X-Carve

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