Shapeoko 3



1- Why I need to upgrade my Z axis?:

The simple answer is: RIGIDITY

Our Z axis replace all the X carriage,  it is 3/8" thick instean a thin sheet metal.


2- Can I still use Carbide Motion ?:

Yes but your travel will be limitted,  you can use Universal GCode Sender or an other software to be able to use all the potential of your new Z axis.


3- Can I still use my original Z stepper motor ?:

yes you can but you can upgrade to a bigger one like this one: 269oz-in

Maybe it's time to upgrade all your axis with this motor!!


4- How it is difficult to upgrade:

Take a look here:

 And here:


5- Do I need to change my GRBL settings:

Yes,  here the basic one:

$3=2 ’ = change the direction of the Z motion

$20=1 - turn on soft limits

$102=200 ’ = Z axis travel in mm

$112=2000 - reduced max speed of Z axis for better movement

$122=750 ’ = increase the z axis acceleration

 $132=150 - Z max travel in mm (might be able to adjust a bit more,  **carbide motion limit the travel)


6-  What it look like when mounted ?: